Learn to grow using technology to educate with ease and grace - Elcom Cloud

Learn to grow using technology to educate with ease and grace

Upskill your staff: build out tailored training programs and manage attendance and pass rates for both online and classroom style sessions.

Automate staff compliance around corporate governance: through structured training programs enable staff to self-serve in terms of their knowledge and accreditation.

Reduce administration and content creation overhead: your human resource/training team can easily create content for self-service training programs.

Train your third party channels: easily set up training programs for dealers, resellers, distributors or other agents of your organisation:

Single sign on: seamlessly integrate the elcomCLOUD learning management tool to HR systems or the corporate intranet with single sign on capability.

elcomCLOUD LMS is the elcomCLOUD Base plus:-

  • Training Manager
  • Content Organiser/Surveys
  • Events Manager


by adding business functionality such as:

  • Membership
  • Resource Bookings
  • Document Lists
  • Social Q&A/Forums 
  • Event Manager
  • Meeting Manager
  • Workflows
  • Task Manager
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using a range of Connectors or Plug-Ins such as:

  • SCORM Manager
  • Youtube  
  • Multilingual
  • SAML
  • HP Trim
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elcomCLOUD solutions are designed to deliver just the functionality you need to achieve your objectives.

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