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elcomCLOUD Solutions

An integrated set of solutions designed to meet your all web content management needs

elcomCLOUD is mobile responsive so you can reach a broader audience: increasingly consumers are browsing the internet while on the go on their smart phones and tablets. Ensuring that your content can be viewed on all sized devices is critical. A mobile responsive site ensures your audience can enjoy your content no matter where they are.


Web CMS & Email Marketing: Intuitive content management and ‘all you can eat’ email marketing

Your ultimate sales person, your website

An effective easy to manage website is key to your organisation's success. Your website is the ultimate sales, marketing and branding tool. In order to stay competitive and relevant you need a platform that empowers staff in many areas of the business to add engaging content, simply and intuitively. When it comes to content publishing elcomCLOUD makes the non-technical user look like a pro!

Stay top of mind with your audience

Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolkit. Benefit from the bundled email marketing solution offering you 50,000 email sends per month. In fact we don't have specific limits! However we did feel we needed to set a reasonable 'fair use' boundary! Talk to us if you need more capacity - you will find us very flexible.

Targeted and engaging websites

elcomCLOUD lets you build a web experience targeted to your audience. Surface content automatically that is relevant to consumers based on their internet access point. For logged in members targeting can be refined further based on their profile, gender, age, etc. For general content, whether it is 360 degree viewing of products, or presenting filtering options for lists, or a video production house wanting to show off their portfolio of work in dynamic ways, we have you covered.

Design flexibility

While on the one hand we look after the non-technical users, at the same time we empower web designers to be able to build out new content/pages without limitation. Designers have full access to the html and CSS and can leverage JavaScript as the need arises. Designers can create new Master Pages to help non-technical users create new pages that look great on the fly.

Your design locked down

elcomCLOUD recognises the need to de-couple design from content so that posts made by your team do not break the beautiful design of your site. You can offer staff the ability to update content specific to their department or function confidently knowing they cannot impact the site’s look and feel.

Frictionless communication

When it comes to communicating with ease and grace, elcomCLOUD offers a feature-rich environment including the ability to easily upload and manage video, audio, image galleries, email, blogs, forums and more. Supply your customers with the information they need quickly and accurately.

Optimise your lead generation

Key to your online marketing success is optimising your landing pages and accompanying on page goals. Quickly and easily optimise content for mobile or key search terms. A/B test these to find out which landing pages are working best. Create lead forms for registrations and/or subscriptions. Once you have a database of marketing qualified leads, easily send targeted email campaigns driving them to your evolving promotional landing pages. elcomCLOUD puts the power in your hands

Collaborative environment

Let your subject matter experts, business leaders and authors contribute to the success of your website. Allow them to create and publish content in a centralized collaborative environment. elcomCLOUD provides you with all the tools needed to generate the quality content you need for your site.

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Social Collaboration: Connecting human resources through social sharing is key to your success

Unearth your workforce intel

You would have to be living under a rock if you did not understand the massive trend of businesses leveraging the social networking paradigm. Empowering your employees to ‘socialise’, including collaborating on projects, sharing information and aligning on common objectives is pivotal to achieving success in business.

'My Page' for everyone

Offer all members of your workforce a Facebook like ‘My Page’ space where they can securely share comments, feedback and project updates. Workers can efficiently be informed by following their colleagues, department groups and activity streams. All together this helps increase the velocity of your organisation to achieve positive outcomes.

Easily search for expertise

Enable your workforce to easily search for experts in various fields across your organisation such as subject matter experts, trainers or consultants. Expand and fast track the touch points for those seeking more information within your organisation.

Wikis, Forums, Blogs

Use these powerful tools to enhance internal communication. Forums provide an excellent organic support ecosystem where individuals can post questions and those in the know can comment/answer them, creating an informal way to tap intelligence across your organisation. Wikis can become the source of truth that your workforce can rely on.

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Learning Management: Learn to grow using technology to educate with ease and grace

Upskill your staff

Build out tailored training programs and manage attendance and pass rates for both online and classroom style sessions. A simple user interface to inform you and your employees where they are on their education/training journey.

Automate staff compliance around corporate governance

Through structured training programs enable staff to self-serve in terms of their knowledge and accreditation as it relates to important corporate governance aspects such as occupational health and safety, conflict of interest and sexual harassment issues, thereby minimising compliance risk to your organisation.

Reduce administration and content creation overhead

Using the elcomCLOUD intuitive and easy to use learning management tool your human resource/training team can easily create content for self-service training programs, and deploy and monitor various learning pathways for staff.

Train your third party channels

In the same way you are empowered to set up programs for your internal staff, you can easily set up training programs for dealers, resellers, distributors or other agents of your organisation. Or maybe you are a franchised business with many independent owners who all need to be on the same page on key aspects of the business.

Single sign on

Seamlessly integrate the elcomCLOUD learning management tool to HR systems or the corporate intranet with single sign on capability.

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Intranet: Realise the full collaborative potential of connected employees

Content for contented employees

Your employees are your most valuable asset and keeping them abreast of information and allowing them to find, collaborate and share efficiently is critical. The elcomCLOUD intranet solution is used by organisations both large and small, from government departments to schools. Whether you are the HR Manager, a Marketing or Sales Manager, or the Managing Director on a drive to change the culture within your organisation, our Intranet will empower you to take control.

Centralised access to information

Rather than having information dispersed across you organisation, bring this all together in one space using taxonomy, keywords or pre-defined search queries to ensure easy discoverability. Provide personal views for staff in different departments, regional offices or subsidiaries.

Empower your department managers

Create team spaces for simple collaboration ensuring all are kept on the same page and accountable.

Collaborate and share

Enable your workforce to easily share documents, seek feedback, view comments, view calendars and more, all through a single platform.


An integrated set of social tools enable your workforce to provide and receive real-time updates across your organisation. Combined with wikis, forums and blogs, collaboration between vested stakeholders is easily encouraged.

Managing documents

Manage your digital assets including full version control of documents, articles, images and other content elements.


For most organisations integrating with existing systems is important. Be assured Elcom can accommodate various integration opportunities with software applications such as Sharepoint, Active Directory, HP Trim or Microsoft Office.


A sophisticated workflow engine that can accommodate content approvals, both in-line or in parallel and reduce time and effort in processing.

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Extranets & Portals: Boost your business success by being closely connected to your third party communities, partners, members, suppliers and clients, with curated secure and relevant content

Elevate your engagement with distribution channels

The power of distribution channels to reach national and global markets cannot be under estimated. Keeping these channels informed in a professional manner can have a significant impact on your organisations overall performance. With elcomCLOUD create secure zones for third party channels to be informed and educated.


Facilitate fully customisable registration, permissions and security settings through the membership tool, including the option for workflow management to ensure streamlined approval processes.

Keep independent franchisees informed

Your organisation might be franchised with many independent owners requiring to be informed of important developments such as mandatory compliance needs and marketing initiatives. elcomCLOUD will give you the power to easily engage your owners and make them feel part of the corporate family.

B2B Forums

A complete forum module with unlimited forums and posts, with full administration to provide tailored support to partner and resellers. User and role permissions, email notifications and message administration gives your organisation the tools they need to succeed.

Document Libraries

Make available documents categorised by security groups and/or metadata. Allow for search and filtering of documents using a wide range of criteria.


Manage approval processes so that content can be selectively exposed with product or other information updates to certain classified partners.

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