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elcomCLOUD leverages the many years invested in elcomCMS, the enterprise platform of Elcom Technology, and aims to accommodate the need for organisations to achieve effective outcomes without a major upfront investment.

Most organisations in the mid and sub mid-market space need to tightly manage their investments in technology and generally do not have the sizeable upfront budgets of larger enterprises. The elcomCLOUD subscription model avoids the need to get approval for a large capital expense and supports investment in technology as an operating expense that is more closely aligned with revenues.

Elcom Technology is an Australian based company with over 19 years’ experience culminating in the development of a holistic integrated web content management system. elcomCLOUD brings together key features tightly focussed around a business requirement and delivers them as a single solution to meet a specific need; say running an intranet, or a learning management program, or facilitating social collaboration amongst your employees. Importantly, as your business grows, you can enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that elcomCLOUD can be expanded, as part of a single integrated deployment, to include additional features/connectors within the solution pack you have chosen, or you can tack on additional solutions packs.

Close the Consumption Gap

Commonly businesses are paying top dollar for a combined set of features the majority of which they are not using. Either they will never use these features, or it will be a number of years until they grow into them. This is called the Consumption Gap. elcomCLOUD helps organisations close this gap by creating distinct solution packs that have a focused benefit, but which can be bolstered with the addition of key features. You may just need Social Collaboration, or maybe you need to train your employees and/or resellers efficiently using an effective easy to use Learning Management System, alternatively maybe you need to combine solution packs; for example Intranet combined with Social Collaboration. With elcomCLOUD you can start small, and only pay for what you need as your organisation grows.

Future Proof Your Business

In addition to the elasticity afforded by combining solution packs, elcomCLOUD, as part of the single integrated code base, also offers a broad range of more specific functionality, as well as Connectors into most commonly used software. Maybe you need integration with Sharepoint, Box, Salesforce, Office365 document management or Google Drive. Or maybe you need easy management of employee passwords using the Active Directory plug in. The options made available to you through elcomCLOUD, on a pay for use basis, are extensive.

More than Multitenancy

With elcomCLOUD, at no extra cost, you get upgrades and enhancements made available to you as we bring them to market. Importantly, should your needs grow beyond the broad elcomCLOUD offering, you have the option to transition your site instance to a private cloud hosting environment, at which point you would have unlimited customisation opportunities. Unlike a multitenant SaaS service, you are not held captive within specific boundaries where you find yourself trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole!


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